Let the journey begin

I have always been interested in photography. Why? Difficult to answer. There are so many answers to that simple question. And I think my answers have changed over the years through my own development and journey. Nowadays I see photos as emotions. I’m very interested in the psychology of photography. As a psychotherapist, I’m curious about people’s emotional journeys, and our photos often demostrate it the best. When we are struggling to express something verbally, a simple photo might say it all.

I bought my camera, Canon EOS 450D, many moons ago. I have always just used the preset settings, such as portrait, landscape, and sports, but I wanted to learn more about my camera, and see what else it does. And blimey, there are so many things to learn. I decided to attend a 2-day workshop at ID – Image Development, in St Neots, in September 2017. We learnt about shutter speed, ISO, aperture, depth of field, composition, rule of thirds etc etc. My head was spinning after the weekend, but I knew by taking loads of photos, I will get the hang of it. I also signed up for a 10-week course at the local village college. This course is also for beginners, which is great. I need my time to learn and absurb all the technical info. But I’m getting there – photo by photo.


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